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Ok so, Myself and a small team of artists are working on a game right now.
It should be coming out in 2016.  It will be released for Android devices
and possibly PC's as well.  It's impossible to give out the game details considering
that there is NO way I can take the time to fax, and have signed, ND contracts
to everyone who wants to know the plot.  If you know the industry, then you
know what I mean.  And it's never a good idea to share all the details anyway
before it is published; it steals the thunder from the project and hurts sales.

Sooo, all that being said, here is what we need if you are willing.  The main
character is a girl.  She will be in age anywhere from 13 to 17.  She will be
Punk/Emo/Indie.  Not sure if scene girls are still popular?  But she will be an
undetermined mixture of that kind of look.  We already have the voice actor
for this character, but we need someone to provide reference photos of themselves
dressed like the character.  NO NUDES required- this is not what we need at all.
Our voice actor doesn't look like the character, so we need someone else.  Also,
even if you are not in this age group, we can still use you if you can make yourself
LOOK like that age group.  Some women just look younger with the proper makeup,
hair and clothes.  So don't be shy.  If you participate, you'll need a decent camera.  It
doesn't have to be a $2,000 camera, but a cell phone camera just won't do.  The
tablet cameras are kind of not that great too.  Basically the photos can't be grainy
and cheap looking.  We will be building the character to your likeness using the
photos you provide, so decent quality is kind of necessary.  It requires detail.

So what do you get out of it?  We will put your name in the credits of the game!
We are operating on a shoe-string budget, and simply can't pay all the talent we
need for this project.  But- you get to show off the fact that you're in a game
and it would make a great resume bullet point.  If the game takes off and sells well,
there is nothing wrong with you renegotiating with us for some money.  But remember,
we are independent artists striking out to make that first big title so we can quit our
day jobs- so game credits are pretty much all we are putting on the table for those
who help (initially).  Just a reminder that we only need ONE girl.  So if I (we) get a
lot of responses (crosses fingers) we will have to sit down and review all the entries
and decide which girl fits the image we are looking for.  If I get only one response,
then that might just be the girl we use out of desperation lol.

Note me with questions and concerns.  



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MissHollowDran Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey!!!!!! Were ua been :p
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MissDran!!!  Ohhh, I've been here and theeere 😉
Watcha been up to??? 
MissHollowDran Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Nothing much been sick Taking pictures lol :D
Steel-Razors Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Being sick sucks, hope you get well soooon!
Taking pics rule lol.  Hope you're having fun
with the vintage cameras.  😄
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ShinyRai Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Happy early B-Day ^^
How have you been? :3
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ShinyRai!  :tighthug:
Oh, thank you!  (more candles to blow out)  ><
I've been doing well.  How about you?
ShinyRai Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
I'm allright ^^
Busy gaming lol <X3
Steel-Razors Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Gaming!  Woot!!  😆
It was awesome to hear from you
and I hope we keep in touch! 🐰
Also glad to hear you're doing well. ☆☆☆
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